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This report lists the payroll liabilities your company owes to various agencies, such as the federal government, insurance plan administrators, labour unions, etc. The report covers unpaid liabilities incurred during the period of time shown in the From and To fields. If your company paid a liability incurred within the date range of the report, the report omits that liability, even if the payment occurred after the ending date of the report. If you want so, we can change this report to show what you paid instead of what you owe.

This report shows information similar to the payroll summary report, but in a different layout. The report has a row for each employee and a column for each payroll item.

This report shows the  item detail that appears on each payroll transaction. Usually the report covers the current month, but if you want to look a your payroll transaction detail for a wider period we can cover any period of your interest.

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This report lists payroll transactions of your business, grouping them by payee. As you can see in the example below, you can use this report to organize a listing of the paychecks paid to each of your  employee in a given period.


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